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Environmental Monitoring Equipment

EnviroXcellence Services conducts using specialized equipment and software resources for environmental monitoring of ambient Air, Water, Noise and Soil: We conduct, using the specialised state of the art equipment (e.g Noise level, air quality, water quality meters) for effective environmental monitoring of the range of chemicals of concern (VOCs, CO, COD, SOx , NOx, pH, etc) mentioned parameters to give reliable, accurate and precision readings to comply with country and industry ‘s published applicable legal and other requirements and/or standards.

Geographic Information System

In its planning, application and implementation of projects EnviroXcellence has got in-house geographic information system software such as GIS Arc view 9 for geographic information system (GIS) or geospatial information system that captures, stores, analyzes, manages and presents data with reference to geographic location data. All our projects merge cartography, statistical analysis and database technology for effective mapping and quality output of our reports.

Waste management equipment

  • RBCA
  • U.S.A STM standard E-1739. (Risk Based Corrective Action Plan for chemical release and hydrocarbon contaminated sites)The RBCA Tool Kit for Chemical Releases, Version 2, is a comprehensive modelling and risk characterization software package designed to support Risk-Based Corrective Action (RBCA) at chemical release sites. RBCA is a practical management approach to address actual or potential risks associated with the presence of chemicals of concern (COCs) in environmental media (e.g., soil, groundwater and surface water) due to the release of chemicals to the environment by human activities such as industrial operations or waste management practices.


Equipment and software includes:

  • Multirae Multigas Monitor: measures five different kinds of pollution gases i.e. Volatile Organic Carbons (VOC), S0x, CO, NOx.
  • HNU-Photo Ionization Detector (PID) - for measuring volatile gases at Hydrocarbon contaminated sites.
  • Corning & HYDAC (DO) Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Electrical Conductivity (EC), Temperature water quality monitoring equipment.
  • Environmental Management Software, Geographic Information System software and remote sensing for digital special mapping.

Borehole Siting Equipment

EnviroXcellence Services uses a combinations of Electromagnetic, resistivity profiling, Magnetics and Vertical Electrical Soundings to investigate the different rock types and associated aquifers.

Resistivity Profiling

Constant separation surveys are conducted at 20m and 40 01 station spacing to confirm magnetic data. Reference surveys may be carried out along existing boreholes to establish the array parameters, which are applicable to a particular area. The overall profiling depth is at least equal to the average water strike depth in an area.

Vertical Electrical Sounding(VES)

Vertical electrical soundings are carried out at anomalies identified from the profiling techniques to determine formation thickness and depths. As with the resistivity profiling where possible reference surveys are carried out at existing boreholes for data calibration purposes.

  • Electromagnetics:
    Electromagnetic readings are taken every 10m along the geophysical profile at different frequencies per station, with each frequency having the IN and OUT phase readings. The overall profiling depth is in the maximum of 300m depending on the frequencies selected.
  • Magnetic Traversing:
    Magnetic data will be collected at 10 01 station spacing to determine the lateral extent and dimensions of dykes, fractures, shear zones and faults.

Geophysical Equipment and Software that is issued in geophysical surveys including ground water investigations:


  • l x Apex Parametrics Max-min II
  • 2 x G5 Magnetomete rs
  • 3 x G41 Resistivity Meter
  • 4xTarametre(VES)


  • MAG2DC software for modeling magnetometer data ,
  • VES for Windows Schlumberger Soundings Modeling and Inversion Software for resistivity data.
  • Geosoft Oasis Montaj -processing and modeling software
  • Interpex software – Resixplus


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