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EnviroXcellence Services has since 1998 completed some of the high profile impact assessment studies including the EIA’s for the construction of over 200 Roads infrastructure, 2010 FIFA world cup infrastructure projects like roads and stadium, Water infrastructure and Electricity supply projects for Eskom. It is this nature of the projects that has distinguished EnviroXcellence as a specialised service provider and market leader in the field of applied earth sciences and expert reporting of scientific work.

Services include:

  • Environmental Impacts Assessments (EIA)
  • Site specific Environmental Management Plan
  • Authorizations for borrow pits
  • Permits for the removal of trees
  • General authorisations for water
  • Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Environmental monitoring


EnviroXcellence has the expertise for providing rural water supply and sanitation projects through conducting of Geophysical Studies, Groundwater protocol, Drilling and Testing of the boreholes. We have highly trained staff and equipment resources to complete the tasks within specified industry legal requirements and standards. For a successful source production, the following steps are taken:

  • Verification of water demand, existing sources (e.g 2km radius survey area) and identify required rehabilitation / test pumping of existing Borehole
  • Recommend Pump testing of existing boreholes
  • Rehabilitation of existing boreholes
  • Assessment of groundwater resource potential (quantity and quality) and identification of prioritized exploration targets for single source (2km or 5km prospecting area).
  • Scientific borehole site selection, static water level less than 50m
  • Drilling of exploration / new boreholes or redrilling near existing borehole site

Services include:

  • Groundwater / Geohydrological Services
  • Hydro census
  • Test pumping and supervision
  • Drilling and supervision
  • Plume delineation
  • Ground water modeling studies


Waste management can be a complex task that requires appropriate co-operation and organisation between households, communities, private enterprises and inter-governmental relations. The minimum requirements for Disposal by Landfill site (DWAF, 1998) defines waste as “ any undesirable or superfluous matter, material, by-product or residue of any process or activity that has been discard, accumulated or stored for the purpose of treatment, discarding or recycling and may be liquid or solid, may include products that may contain a gaseous component and may originate from domestic, commercial, medical or industrial activities, but does not include any gas or gaseous products.

General waste refers to waste that is considered to have less detrimental effects on both human health and the environment if properly managed. Due to composition of general waste, it does not pose any significant threat to the public as well as the environment. It requires less sophisticated mechanism to manage.

Hazardous Waste is defined as: “an inorganic or organic element or compound that, because of its toxicological, physical, chemical or persistency properties, may exercise detrimental acute or chronic impacts on human health and the environment. It can be generated from a wide range of commercial, industrial, agricultural and domestic activities and may take the form of liquid, sludge or solid. These characteristics contribute not only to degree of hazard, but are also of great importance in the ultimate choice of a safe and environmentally acceptable method of disposal.

EnviroXcellence Services has qualified Microbiologists, Geohydrologists, Environmental Scientists, and Social scientists to give expert advice and opinion for the development and implementation of the both general and hazardous waste Landfill sites to comply with the Applicable Department of water Affairs and Environment standards. The services under both general and hazardous waste.

General Waste Management

  • EIA in terms of NEMWA, landfill development and management, collection and disposal of waste.
  • General waste collection, transportation and disposal
  • Sorting and Recycling of waste
  • Waste classification according to GHS and labeling in accordance with the South African National Standard SANS 10234
  • Waste sampling and analysis for VOC’s, Oil and Grease and Petroleum Hydrocarbons such as petrol, paraffin, jet fuel, diesel, and engine oil etc.
  • Development of MSDS
  • Hazardous waste management, collection and disposal.


EnviroXcellence Services has a dedicated specialized team of experts and field response team who offer 24hour emergency response at hazardous sites. This is a highly specialized field that uses specialized personnel protective clothing and absorbents for specific missions to provide remedial programmes for effective environmental cleanup. EnviroXcellence Services uses the services of accredited laboratories for qualitative and quantitative testing.

Emergency spill response at Hazardous sites

EnviroXcellence is a registered hazardous waste management handling and transportation company. Our services include 24 hour Hazmat response, Oil spillage cleanup using combination of techniques (oil and chemical absorbents -booms, degreaser’s skimmers, chemical dispersants and in-situ and ex-situ Bioremediation of contaminated sites) methods. We have the dedicated spill response team that uses high technological response fleet vehicles, equipment and protective clothing suitable for any emergency response.

Bioremediation of Contaminated properties:

EnviroXcellence Services has a team of highly qualified Microbiologists, Geohydrologists, Hydrologists, Chemists, Geophysicist and hydrologists who combine their expert qualifications to delineate contamination plume, determine groundwater parameters, design dispersion model and flow gradients and to plan effective bioremediation of Hydrocarbon contaminated sites using suitable strains of microorganisms.

The services include:

  • Hydrocarbon Contamination Clean-up (PCBs, VOC, PAHS....)
  • Bioremediation of contaminated sites
  • Sampling and analysis of contaminants
  • Provision of spill kits


EnviroXcellence Services is a registered and approved asbestos contractor with the Department of Labour with a registration number RAC2017/OHH/CI-126.

Asbestos refers to six naturally occurring fibrous silicate minerals that have the ability to resist heat, fire and electricity. All six asbestos mineral types are known to be human carcinogens. EnviroXcellence services ensures proper identification, classification, handling, transportation and disposal in terms of the South African Department labour Asbestos Regulations (No. 55 of 2002)

Services under asbestos include:

  • Site establishment and provision of Decon Showeres
  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Demolition
  • Asbestos removal
  • Transportation and Safe disposal


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