Groundwater / Geohydrological Studies

Water is an exceptionally precious resource, especially in a country like South Africa which receives relatively little rainfall, yet experiences high demand for water from agriculture, industry (especially mining) and urban areas.

EXS has developed significant expertise in the location, accessing and protection of groundwater resources:

  • \Rural water supply and sanitation
  • \Geophysical studies
  • \Groundwater protocols
  • \Borehole drilling
  • \Borehole testing
  • \Water extraction licenses and compliance

We use a combination of Electromagnetic, Resistivity Profiling, Magnetics and Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) technologies to investigate the groundwater potential of different rock formations and associated aquifers. 

At EXS, we recognise the value of water resources, and go to great lengths to protect water sources during access and utilisation. On every project, we take precautions that position us as a leader in responsible groundwater extraction. These steps include:

  • \Verification of water demand and identification of existing co-located water sources.
  • \Assessment of rehabilitation requirements
  • \Pump testing of existing boreholes
  • \Rehabilitation of existing boreholes
  • \Comprehensive groundwater resource potential assessments (quantity and quality)
  • \Identification of prioritised exploration targets within a defined prospecting area for
  • \Scientific borehole site selection
  • \Drilling of exploration / new boreholes or redrilling near existing borehole site

Our services include:

  • \Groundwater / Geohydrological Services
  • \Hydro census surveys
  • \Test pumping and supervision
  • \Drilling and supervision
  • \Plume delineation
  • \Groundwater modelling studies