Waste Management

Hazardous Waste Management

EnviroXcellence is a registered hazardous waste management handling and transportation company.

Almost all human activities generate waste products, and waste in all its forms can create enduring environmental impacts including ecological degradation and public health challenges.

Managing waste of all kinds is an obligation for responsible businesses, and requires a collaborative approach involving inputs from all stakeholders. This is particularly important in the case of hazardous waste management.

EnviroXcellence can provide expert advice to assist in the development and implementation of general and hazardous waste landfill sites, and on achieving compliance with applicable Department of Water and Sanitation standards.

EXS can assist both with general waste management, and in responding with appropriate speed and decisiveness in the event of a waste escape incident. In this way, we can help you reduce you ecological footprint and responsibly manage all your waste outputs, no matter what form they take.


  • \EIA in terms of NEMWA, landfill development operations
  • \General waste collection, transportation and disposal
  • \Sorting and recycling/recovery of waste
  • \Waste classification and labelling according to GHS and SANS 10234
  • \Waste sampling and analysis for VOCs, oil and grease and petroleum hydrocarbons
  • \Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) development
  • \Hazardous waste management, collection and safe and compliant disposal.

General Waste Management


When the worst happens, you need to know who to trust for a rapid, effective response that mitigates risk, ensures compliance and limits exposure to harm for your team members and the public.

EnviroXcellence Services has a dedicated, specialised field response team who offer a 24/7/365 hazard emergency response service. at hazardous sites. They are equipped with response fleet vehicles, specialised PPE and absorbents for specific missions and remedial clean-up actions.

We also offer oil spillage clean-up solutions using a combination of techniques (oil and chemical absorbents booms, degreasers, skimmers, chemical dispersants and in-situ and ex-situ bioremediation of contaminated sites).

For quality assurance, EnviroXcellence Services uses accredited laboratory services for qualitative and quantitative testing.

Our sustainable approach is based on the use of advanced environmental monitoring equipment, backed up by the latest Geospatial Information System(GIS) software. By combining cartography, statistical analysis and database management, we can deliver actionable insights and empower your company to take decisive, positive action.


Our highly qualified team combine their expertise and experience to delineate contamination plumes, determine groundwater parameters, design dispersion models and flow gradients and plan effective bioremediation of hydrocarbon-contaminated sites using suitable strains of microorganisms.

Our bioremediation service offering includes:

  • \Hydrocarbon contamination clean-up (PCBs, VOC, PAHS)
  • \Sampling and analysis of contaminants
  • \Provision of spill kits

Contaminated Sites


Asbestos is a legacy construction and insulation product that is known to be a human carcinogen. Wherever its presence is detected, urgent remedial action is required.

The correct and responsible action to take involves the proper identification, classification, handling, transportation and disposal of any asbestos in terms of the South African Department of Labour Asbestos Regulations (No. 55 of 2002).

EnviroXcellence Services is a registered and approved asbestos contractor with the Department of Labour with a registration number RAC2017/OHH/CI-126.

Our asbestos management service offering includes:

  • \Site establishment and provision of decontamination showers
  • \Asbestos abatement
  • \Demolition
  • \Asbestos removal
  • \Transportation and safe disposal